About Us


Our Store was born in front of the facade of THE TREASURY,  at that time there was no shop at all in Petra selling souvnenirs to the tourist - can you imagine?


Our father set up a stall with a small wooden table and sold simple articles that he and our mother made themselves: small ceramic oil lamps, woven camel hangings, saddle bags and especially bottles containing the colored sand from Petra arranged in decorative patterns. Later he moved to the entrance to the Siq.

We go to collect it in the mountains near to Petra. Obviously we do not chip stones from the walls in the site, but the same formations are frequent nearby, and we know a tiny valley where we can take what stones we like without upsetting anybody. Often we go there in a family outing and stock as many stones as we need for several months. 


Humble beginnings.

Each day after school my brother Mohammed and l would go to look after the family Souvenir Shop, so that my Father could go home and relax . Mohammed knew it would take an hour for our Father to arrive home , when it came to the time Mohammed knew it would be all clear he said to me " l need to go behind the rock " having no restroom facilities l knew what this meant , however this was just a excuse , a ploy , Mohammed just wanted to go and play with his friends near our house in Wadi Musa , l felt upset and followed him shouting "come back " you need to stay with me till sunset but Mohammed ignored me , l went back to the store and stayed till the last tourist had left the city of Petra , l always tried to sell something , it made me feel good to be able to help my family with extra Dinars from a sale . At the end of the day I'd put the table away , in those days we only had a table that would be kept under a hut , it was a very hard time ...but from humble beginnings we now have three stores which are the best you will find in the whole of Jordan , we sell many beautiful items , l am proud of myself and proud of my all brothers and also of my brother Mohammed ...yes even Mohammed who left me to run the store alone ...

Yes, We are only 6 brothers,  my poor mother, Six sons but hopefully we made her a proud mother...